Gerald Alley

November 18, 2021 Gerald Alley, President/CEO of Con-Real LP was featured in D magazine, in article Meet the Force Behind Texas’ Largest Black Owned Construction and Real Estate Company. Excerpt Includes, “For much of his life, Alley has been challenging the status quo, relying on less disruptive, more effective means after he and his older brother, Troy C. Alley Jr., founded what is now the largest Black-owned construction and real estate company in Texas. With $150 million in projects under contract and about 50 employees, it’s among the largest in the country.  Today, he reels off completing significant projects for Fortune 100 firms such as JPMorgan Chase, Kroger, and PepsiCo.’s Frito-Lay division. The hope is that the Alley brothers will have built a strong enough foundation “on which new leaders could build upon for years to come … as game-changers,” Alley says, working to help achieve equality for all.