Houston Equity Fund

Kelcie Swain

Communication Specialist

Kelcie Swain has over 5 years of experience in marketing and communications spearheading media departments, consumer relations, client referral programs, and marketing accounts manager. She has developed a system of media communications that follow the steps of Appeal, Inform, Engage, and Follow Up. Kelcie’s zeal for communications began as a young adolescent, giving speeches in church, speaking in school programs, acting in plays, and liaising for a local restaurant in her hometown of Brenham, Texas. Deemed with the gift of gab she began representing Blinn College (Brenham campus) as a student, being featured in two commercials for the college’s programs. 

As an advocate of therapy and wellness, her passion of people feeling, doing, and operating in their best led her to the University of Texas at San Antonio. Kelcie attained a Bachelor of Science with a focus of athletic medicine. She has a health career that spans over many fields of care inclusive of chiropractic, pain medicine, physical therapy, and exercise physiology. Whilst in the healthcare field she inevitably gravitated to managing the communications and patient relations departments of the clinic. Advocating for education and accessibility of holistic healthcare for Black communities, Kelcie started her business Melanin Gear Athletics LLC. Knowing her purpose was people, she became even more drawn to her passion of creating community through social technology, and speech.  Business success ultimately led her to an early career change, where she was introduced to mass marketing and media. Successfully retaining several clients Kelcie has an upward track record for growing her clients’ public platforms above expected margins.

Kelcie is devoted to bridging gaps of disparities throughout minority communities. She has accumulated years of volunteer work to combat homelessness, inclusive of always keeping homeless hygiene care kits in her car. Her commitment to accessible holistic and fair black healthcare remains an active initiative in her community outreach efforts. 

Ms. Swain earned her Bachelors of Kinesiology, Athletic Medicine, from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Kelcie Swain is originally from Brenham, TX. She currently resides in Houston, TX.