Houston Equity Fund

Dr. Gena Jerkins

Executive Director

Her life passion, empowering others, is at the core of Gena L. Jerkins. Ed. D (Dr. Gena) service within the education, humanitarian, and philanthropic arenas. With 20+ years of combined service in the public, collegiate, and private sectors, Dr. Gena empowers others to live their unique greatness.

With full commitment to lifting others, Dr. Gena is a life-long scholar and educator, a concept curator who masterfully escorts vague ideas from the inside of your head outside into the real world as actionable next steps. She is also an empowerment enthusiast who believes in honoring the greatness in others, every aspect. As such, Dr. Gena continues to serve as keynote speaker, facilitator, panelist, executive coach, and creative strategist The common thread in all of it, her signature commitment to add value to humanity one tangible tip for immediate application at a time.

Dr. Gena’s absolute sweet spot is showing up in the world empowering others  to actualize their best selves.  Instead of choosing narrowly, she believes that individuals should freely explore the breadth of their inner greatness  without predetermined limitations and singular expressions. As an empowerment enthusiast, she contends that individuals should live each and every healthy aspect of themselves. Relying on her natural knack and trained expertise, she strategically empowers individuals, teams, and organizational groups to explore and  maximize the greatness contained within. them.

As an educator, with 15+ years in public and higher education, Dr. Gena is adept at streamlining specific goals, benchmark milestones, and necessary actionable next steps to obtain desired outcomes.  She is most capable of assessing a need, structuring a plan, and empowering towards a desired outcome.

As concept curator, with 7+ years leading a service organization in program development best matched for its constituency, Dr. Gena is a master strategist in crafting concepts, concrete paradigms, and guiding direction.  For individuals and corporations, she is superb at firming up vague vision with her crystallized precision.

As a non-profit consultant, Dr. Gena has 20+ years of experience in the world of humanitarian and philanthropic efforts.  Her leadership in this arena has helped to establish and strengthen various organizations in their efforts to actualize their visions and missions of serving their communities with excellence.

Always learning and desiring to serve with excellence, Dr. Gena obtained a Bachelor of Art, Texas A&M University; Master of Curriculum and Instruction, Texas A&M University; Doctorate of Educational Leadership, University of Houston as well as her most recent obtainment of Masters of Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary.  As part of her professional vita, Dr. Gena has mid-management and superintendent certifications.   Within the public school sector, Dr. Gena served as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal.  Within the higher education arena, she served as teaching assistant, teacher supervisor, and adjunct professor.  Dr. Jerkins has authored/co-authored articles for several journals on the topic of multiculturalism and education.  Her most recent credentials include anticipated completion of a Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling with Licensure, Spring 2023.